Licensed Zenyoga teachers

Teachers and instructors in the Zenyoga Association are educated and qualified for the job, practicing yoga for a long time. Having experienced personal transformation through the practice, they are capable to transmit it to the others.

Each teacher developed their own style of teaching grounded on the firm knowledge of the principles of Zenyoga; of postures, sequencing and alignment; of breathing and relaxation, of the human anatomy and the nature of mind. Education of Zenyoga teachers starts with the two-year program of the Zenyoga teacher’s school, but it doesn’t end there. It is continued through special meetings, workshops and retreats. In Zenyoga, we believe that the teacher’s status in not acquired once and for all, but needs to be constantly refreshed with personal practice and through working with others.

There are three levels of licensed teachers - instructors, teachers and masters. Instructors have completed the two-year teacher's school, passed a number of exams, but still need to complete some requiremets. Teachers have graduted from the school with a diploma. Masters are teachers with 25+ years of experience in teaching Zenyoga. They are all memebers of Chan Center in Croatia and attend its retreat program.

Some of the listed teachers no longer teach. Some are on sabbatical. Out of respect for their years-long work and contribution to Zenyoga and Chan community in Croatia all are included.




Teacher's school

Our School for Zenyoga Teachers is a Yoga Alliance RYS-500 since 2003, making it the oldest school of yoga in Croatia. It asks for in-depth commitment by the students.