Zenyoga is a type of yoga attuned to the principles of Chan (Zen) - we call it meditation in movement . Practiced and taught for the past forty years, it is the oldest school of yoga in Croatia. In Zenyoga, we harmonize the three aspects of our being — body, breath and mind.

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You can practice Zenyoga with our licenced teachers in a number of cities in Croatia, in Slovenia, Germany and the USA. In person or online, find the right group for you.

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Tranquility and Insight

When: February 24th and 25th 2024

Where: Chan center Hartovski vrh

The foundational program of the Center, Chan meditation course is a starting point on the path of cultivation of the mind. The course is led by our teacher, Chan master Žarko Andričević. You will learn what Chan meditation is, why it is important to cultivate the mind and how to do it. For the past 25 years, our meditation course has consistently upheld the highest standards in meditation instruction, both in Croatia and internationally.

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Earth, Water, Fire and Air

When: January 26th - 28th, 2024

Where: Chan Center Hartovski vrh

Yoga and meditation weekend in Croatian and/or English language. Spend a weekend practicing yoga and meditation on Hartovski Vrh with Tatjana Mesar – in a space dedicated to mindfulness, play, and creative inquiry. Tatjana is the founder of Dynamic Mindfulness Yoga School in Berlin, an experienced teacher and practitioner of Chan, known for a creative and exploratory approach to physical movement.

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Teacher's School

When: December 8th - 10th

Where: Chan center Hartovski vrh

Training for the seventh generation of students at the School for Zenyoga Teachers, the oldest yoga school in our country, which has been registered at the 500 level with Yoga Alliance since 2003.

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